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Under the Sea

My newest children’s novel, Adrift, contains a section in which a teacher and his student embark on a snorkelling adventure in the Caribbean Sea. Miles from the closest island, they get caught up in a sudden, savage storm and must … Continue reading

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Imagine being stranded on an island with only one other person: a person you don’t particularly want to be with; not necessarily one you hate, but certainly one who has brought you some hardship. Such is the scenario with Javier, … Continue reading

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Time Passes

In spirit, I feel healthy. I cannot be more thankful. But now, mirrors have become to me the worst invention. Almost outplacing gunpowder. Every time I look in a mirror, I don’t like what I see. The ravages of time … Continue reading

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Mythology is magical

I started writing my book as a science fiction story about an other-worldly being that wants to inhabit the souls of students at a public school. But something just wasn’t right.  There was no connection between the being and why … Continue reading

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