The Mysterious Mr. Theisen

My book, More Precious Than Rubies: The Return of the Norse Gods, involves the disturbing presence of a new principal at an elementary school that Paul Brager attends. Why does this man bother Paul so much? Below is an excerpt from the novel that explains one of the reasons:

“Paul had heard from his fellow classmates that Mr. Theisen seemed to relish scaring the students who came inside. He didn’t hide and jump out at them. Nothing like that. He’d just…show up. One moment there’d be nobody in the corridor and one would turn his back for a second, then he’d be there. Or one would come into a long, dark hallway that was completely empty and silent. And then hear his black, polished shoes clicking slowly way down at the end of another hallway.

Kids found it exciting at first, as if Theisen had devised a game especially for them, to match wits or challenge moves of intelligence. But it soon started to make all of them a little creeped-out.
More Precious Than Rubies: The Return of the Norse Gods, Randy Coates, book cover, middle grade fiction

He needed to say nothing, Mr. Theisen. They couldn’t really say he was being abusive or unprofessional. What could they say? That he was patrolling the corridor in satanic shoes? He never told the students to get out. He never yelled or spied on anyone. He never even had to enter a washroom to discipline rowdy students. His presence, their knowing he was there, caused everyone to behave.”

So who exactly is this Mr. Theisen and why is he in their school? Buy one of the e-books of the novel and find out.


About randycoates

Randy Coates graduated from the University of Waterloo with a bachelor of arts degree and went on to acquire his teacher’s certificate at the University of Western Ontario. He is currently an elementary teacher in the Toronto District Board of Education.
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