Excerpt from my Novel

In my children’s book, More Precious Than Rubies, the grade 7 students of Mr. Donlevy see him as a trusted adult figure who will help them defeat an evil presence in their school. Here is an excerpt from the novel, showing what kind of teacher Mr. Donlevy is:

“If you only had a day left to live, what would you do?”

The students were quiet. Mr. Donlevy’s question took them by surprise. Usually, they were eager at volunteering answers in Mr. Donlevy’s room because he seemed so interested in them; however, since they had all met Mr. Theisen by now, all words, even those uttered by confidants, appeared suspect, out-of-the-ordinary, dangerous. Mr. Donlevy’s question could have been a trap, for all they knew.

Mr. Donlevy gave a little laugh. “I’m not trying to get into your personal lives. I’m just following up on yesterday’s discussion about sacrifice.”
the lion

They were reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and had gotten to the part where Aslan had sacrificed his life for Edmund in order to appease the White Witch and the laws of Narnia.

Mr. Donlevy had started a discussion about sacrifice and what people were willing to sacrifice or who they were willing to sacrifice it for.

“Perhaps I should ask this differently. If you only had one day to live, what kinds of things would you do? What would you say to friends and family? Or would you? What would you eat as your last meal?”

This excerpt is important to the novel as a whole because as Paul, the protagonist, will eventually discover, he may be willing to sacrifice himself for his younger brother.


About randycoates

Randy Coates graduated from the University of Waterloo with a bachelor of arts degree and went on to acquire his teacher’s certificate at the University of Western Ontario. He is currently an elementary teacher in the Toronto District Board of Education.
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