My Experience With Self-Publishing

I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. Since I was a teenager, I have attempted to get my poems, short stories, novels, even essays published. My attempts have been through publishing companies, magazines, and contests. I have consulted Canadian, American, and on one occasion, British publishing companies.

Most of the time, my query letters were sent in desperation, to random companies, without my having done any in-depth research of what these places did accept. Too rarely did I send my work to places that sought the kind of writing I engaged in.

Not surprisingly, I was sent back polite letters, informing me that my writing was not what these places wanted, and wishing me luck.

Last year, I decided to go the route of self-publishing. I had enough money to pay for all the services which included things with which I had no experience, such as designing my book cover.
More Precious Than Rubies: The Return of the Norse Gods, Randy Coates, book cover, middle grade fiction

I feel I made the right decision. I am not getting any younger, I believe I still have something to offer the world, and getting published was one of the last things on my Bucket List.

I became involved with a self-publishing company in February of this year and, as a result, my children’s fantasy novel came out this past May. I plan on self-publishing another book next year.

I am satisfied with the experience. Simply by becoming involved with social media, my observations have astounded me. The number of other writers out there, many of whom are also self-published, indicates that creative writing has not lost peoples’ interest.

And, as a teacher who worries about students’ diminishing reading and writing skills, I see the proficiency of writers out there as a good thing.

Keep writing!


About randycoates

Randy Coates graduated from the University of Waterloo with a bachelor of arts degree and went on to acquire his teacher’s certificate at the University of Western Ontario. He is currently an elementary teacher in the Toronto District Board of Education.
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